I’m posting this transcript from a channeling session so I can post the link in the description of my youtube video. If you don’t know anything about The Event, Ascension, or (new to me) The Eye, this will all probably sound completely crazy (some of it even did to me), so for those people – just think of it as a cool Sci-fi story.  🙂

What is The Eye? (from this youtube video discussion: https://youtu.be/UvngiVuJPBk)

The eye is an event which has a basis in reality but which cannot breach the wall of consciousness some of you have built for yourselves. It is an energetic switch that will turn on some things that you have not previously had access to. This change will not necessarily feel instantaneous as many of these changes have already occurred over the past many years. However you are correct in thinking that these changes are more frequent and closer together now. The purpose of this opening – the eye – it is called this for a particular reason. Visually it looks like an eye – the energy. However, it is also a metaphor for an opening of a new sense. And when you open your eye you can see in addition to smelling, hearing, tasting, touching. And seeing gives an entire new dimension to your experience. In this way, the eye will give a new dimension to your experience. It will enhance. This is a gift you have always had just as anyone who has never opened their eyes has the ability to see, they simply have not opened their eyes. They’ve not known how. They’ve not thought they needed to. There was not even the thought of enhancing their experience. This energetic will open the eye, so to speak, of a new way of experiencing.

Just as someone who has never opened their eyes before, it may be a strange experience. Thing may not seem in focus. They will not know how to use their eyes to enhance their experience. Such is this opening. This is a mental… mental is not accurate. This is a consciousness opening. However even that is too general. Let us say that this is a specific new way in which to experience your world to add another dimension to your other senses. It will take time for some to adjust and others will pick it up quickly. Adjust quickly.

In realizing you have this ability you may doubt at first. You may wonder “is this real”? It is real. We cannot explain to you the nature of this opening just as we would not be able to explain vision to someone who has never seen before. But you will know and you will understand this ability you have and you will use it to grow and change and add dimension to your experience. The idea of people disappearing and reappearing – this is not due to the energy. This is due to people’s perception changing. The energy affects the people and the people’s perceptions will be trying to adjust to understand. And so you may assume people are missing. There is a time aspect to this new gift.

This is a conscious shifting of timelines. This is a experience where you will be able to tell when you have moved from one to another. In your current experience you may understand when something is one way and then a few months later it is different. This is why we were – in your mind – connecting this new gift to the Mandela effect. This is to prepare you. It will be more visible. It will be faster. You could see this happening right before your eyes. You could relate this to ghost experiences where, for instance, someone has left keys on their dresser. They come back, the keys are not on their dresser, the keys are on their bed. This is a good example of timeline jumps you may experience. Only in this instance, as you develop your gift – not instantly on the 22nd and 24th – however, as you develop, focus, and understand this, you may see your keys disappear from your dresser and appear on your bed in front of your eyes.

You may see a blurring effect similar to a 3D movie. If you are not wearing the 3D glasses the picture, the scene, appears blurry. You may only see people blur and not the background, or you may see certain things in the background blur. Do not be alarmed. These are adjustments that you are making – you are affecting. You are, with your wishes and intentions, moving from one to another timeline. Moving from the timeline you don’t prefer to the one you do prefer – or that you intend. Practice moving from one to another timeline. If you see your keys disappear from your dresser and appear on your bed, ask yourself what you were thinking just prior to that jump. And if you wish, you can jump back to the timeline where your keys are on your dresser. It will take practice and it will take some adjustments for those who don’t understand that this is a new gift manifesting. They will look to outside reasons for these happenings. They will get their vision checked, they will get their brain checked. [laughing] They will call ghost hunting teams. But for those who are aware, this will be a fun gift to play with.

Stay out of fear. Stay in your heart. Or even if you lapse in your intention, you can just as easily switch again to your highest better intention you want. A lot of people will not notice this gift. Even ones who are very self aware may not understand the exact mechanism behind these happenings. All will adjust. It will take practice.

I’m asking how I specifically can use this to move into a timeline where we have a nice big house on some land and have more of the things I want.

That you are aware of this gift is the first major hurdle you will have overcome.

They’re showing me that I’m just focusing my intention on what I want and I’m expecting it to show up around me. Hold the vision, hold the intention and expect that it will show up – literally just blink into existence. Because it is easier to do that than to imagine jumping to another timeline. Because that seems complicated because another timeline could have a million things in it that you feel you have to control. Imagine bringing it to you instead.

I’m asking how to get past the idea that this doesn’t make sense in our current reality.

They say start with something small and practice. Like the keys, or a key or an earring, or a penny. Something small and try not to freak out when it works. 🙂

I’m asking what the telepathy thing is about.

The telepathy thing is just about being able to read other people’s intentions and their heart. It’s not the traditional idea of telepathy where you put words in your mind and send them to someone else and they hear the words. They say we need a different phrase for that, but since it’s never existed, in modern times, we don’t have any words that fit that. And we’re already doing that whether we realize it or not.

What is this event thing everyone is talking about in the first quarter of 2018?

It is a series of bombardments of energies of what you would call upgrades – these openings.

The 22nd one is very big because it’s so different. But we’re constantly getting these. As we adjust to the smaller waves, they’ll get bigger. As we get used to getting… having these energies come in, as we adjust, they’ll get a little bigger. A little bigger, little bigger. Until there’s a point where we realize we’ve changed. And when our perception of everything changes, that’s all that matters – when you no longer see things the way you used to. You’ll continue to see things more objectively, more positively and with more… greater understanding.

The world will change because people will manifest timelines in which things are the way they want. Natural environments, beautiful classical sculptury environments, the options are infinite and so you may move into any other timeline. There is, I guarantee, a timeline with all the things you can imagine with all the things you want to experience and have.

When will this point come?

Everyone will reach that tipping point within themselves. It is different for all, however, when your perspective shifts, it will seem as if everyone has shifted. This is why you get different dates, different times. The ones listening to these ideas are the ones who will shift first. You will understand first – whose perceptions and perspectives will change first. There have been a few who are already there as you would say. Already on the new Earth as those watching these same videos, reading the same articles as you, are interested in the same experience. And so you will all go to this place that you will call the new Earth, when really there are infinite places for you to perceive the things you love.

Is there a way to speed up the process?

Changing your perspective is important. Simplifying your lives so that you can focus.This is why we say not to watch television, be on your phones all the time, be on facebook all the time. If your every second is taken up with activities you cannot focus.

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