We see you and we would tell you that in times of great change come the enviable challenges of growth for the soul. When you are in a period such as the one you are experiencing now, the potential for shifts in a multitude of directions is open. We will tell you that you are creating a great shift in the direction of love and of (what you would call there) somewhat of a paradise.

As we have said many times, we have a different vantage point from which to view your progress. And we can see that the majority of you have chosen to create a future time of much higher vision, goals, and frequency such that joy and contentment are the main themes.

We understand that it feels like struggle, but that is because you cannot see the complete path. If you could see the outcome, as we can, it would diminish the feeling of restriction and frustration some of you feel at this time. 

And we will tell you what you can look forward to very soon. If you focus your attention on looking at the ways in which some aspects of humanity are helping other aspects of humanity, you will see that it is a small wave that will soon become a tsunami – but we say this in a positive way. Because the wave that is getting bigger is that of compassion and aid and giving from the heart in a way bigger than you have been able to experience before. So look around and make a “mental note”, as you say, of those beautiful moments and acts of kindness. And send your energy along with them. It will continue to build until it is so large that no one will be able to miss it.

This is your future. You will all work together to help anywhere it is needed and to create things both useful and fun.

And so, depending on where you allow your focus to remain, that is the world which you move toward and merge with. We think you will enjoy merging with the world of kindness and creation and many joyful things.

As always, we look forward to experiencing this with you.

And we thank you.