Dear Ones,

When you see yourselves through the lens of the past, we know it is difficult for you to live the lives you really want. We mean that because of beliefs you hold in your subconscious minds, you are often “held back” from being the brightest lights you can be.

We would tell you that it is not such a big problem. It is not too difficult to traverse this particular bridge, so to speak. There are certain things you can do in order to transcend the old beliefs.

Many of you believe that you must work through your old traumas. You must bring them to the surface and struggle to surpass them. However, we would say it is not necessary to suffer. It is enough to notice them. In fact, that is all you really need.

We can see that many of you are surprised to realize you have believed a certain way for so long. You suddenly realize that you were holding onto a belief that absolutely is not true for you today. And we would say, that it is just as easy to simply stop believing many beliefs you have held onto for so long.

And so, when you find yourself struggling, ask yourself “What belief can I let go of right now to stop my suffering?” When you begin to practice this, you will not only begin to more easily notice all the beliefs that cause you problems, but you will also open up a new type of life for yourself. One full of creation and purpose instead of restriction and stagnancy.

We know you will find this much more pleasant.

As always, we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.

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