Dear Ones,

We see that many of you there are frequently in a state of chaos. And we know that whenever you are in that state, you seek help to get out of it. We would tell you that it requires focus and concentration.

We understand that many of you do not believe you have enough “energy” to focus for the required period of time. To address this, we would suggest that you look for ways to simplify your lives. You can do this in many ways. You can do this by removing some of the activities you participate in. And you can also do this by removing the things in your minds that cause your lives to feel chaotic.

Instead of stopping for coffee and surfing the internet or social media, try some noise-canceling headphones and meditation music. Let your mind relax. When you do this, you discover that you feel better and you quiet the constant chatter of thoughts.

If you begin a practice of quieting your thoughts, you make room to hear the answers we have for the troubles you wish to let go of.

You know that you can also quiet the chatter by focusing on something you enjoy – like running, playing games or sports, being in nature, or art of any kind. Even focused thought on one subject gives your mind a break. In a very short time of practicing this habit, you will see that you are getting more and more “downloads” that help you live a life more in alignment with who and where you really want to be.

And so, changing just one habit in your life may give you the peace and happiness you have been searching everywhere for.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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