Dear Ones,

We can see that in the intermediate time between the “great change” and the actual new way of living, there is an impatience about you. You wish to know that “all of this” is for a reason – a purpose.

We can tell you that one way to enjoy this change is to envision your favorite “fantasy” or “science fiction” program and imagine not just the technological advancements, or the environmental advancements, but the relationships and how they will be.

When you wish for a better future, what do you wish most for? We think it is for a more relaxed and even fun way of life. And yes, you will all have it. And so the thing to do now is to imagine yourselves into the time you most want.

What will you be doing in that future of yours? Who will you be spending time with when you no longer have to ”work” at something you do not prefer? What activities will you consider fun? What about you has changed physically and mentally?

When you imagine such a future (rather than thinking about the fun aspects of the past) you are actually creating it. And the more you all participate in this imagining, the more quickly it becomes real.

We think you will all enjoy this.

And we thank you.


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