Dear Ones,

The message that is most beneficial for you at this time is one in which we speak of your persistent need to claim ownership.

When you are outside of your human perspective, you know that there is not one being separate from another. You know that all “energy” is connected and works together. And so, outside of your human perspective, there is no such thing as “I” – or at least not an “I” on its own and separate from every “one” else. There is only the “I” of a certain set of experiences that is contributing to, and a part of, the whole of all creation.

However, while you are there on Earth, this “I” gets you into trouble, so to speak, in that your focus on the self has the potential to lead you down roads that do not contribute to the benefit of the whole. In this, we mean the benefit of the whole of experience there on Earth.

When you focus on the “I” which is separate, you allow feelings such as fear and panic. You ask questions such as “What if I am susceptible to harm?” and “What if I am the next to have something bad happen to me?” As you can see, these questions and subsequent vibrational alignments do not contribute to the benefit of the whole. But they also do not contribute to the benefit of you as a perceived individual there on Earth.

Whether you remember or not, you incarnated there to carry your unique “talents” and vibration in such a way as to bring the whole into alignment. Whether that takes one lifetime or 40 depends on your ability to see the whole rather than the one piece you think you are.

And so, we recommend, for the purpose of fulfilling your soul’s desire, that you focus on being your unique source self – the one that brings an alignment of “self” into oneness with the other “selves” there on Earth at this time. And it is unlikely that you will be able to do this using questions such as you are currently asking. Fear, panic, and anger are not vibrations of alignment with the whole. We are aware that you already know what frequencies you need to perpetuate in order to create oneness.

As always, we are here to be of assistance to you in whatever way you need it.

And we thank you.


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