Dear Ones,

Today we speak on a topic that we know you enjoy as much as we do. We would tell you about the divine within yourselves.

When you go about your everyday lives, you are very busy thinking about your Earthly tasks. You cannot always see the beautiful within yourselves and often, instead, think about all the ways in which you are failing your 3D selves and your 3D world.

But we would remind you that you are something greater than that. We would like to see you, in the quiet moments here and there, remind yourself over and over again of the divinely connected being you truly are. And we would like you to smile at the 3D aspects of you that actually believe you are anything less.

In this life, you had intended to remember who you really are, and you are doing that. However, some of you have not fully transitioned into the knowing that you are made of creator and creation “material”. And as such, you contain and have the ability to create whatever you wish to see, feel and be.

As you remember your true self, we wish you also to remember your true abilities. And we would ask you: What would you like to see in your life, and in the world? We know that many will say they wish to see the removal of something they do not prefer. But we would ask you to go a step further and imagine what your world would look like after that, and then what would that be like? 

We tell you that you can skip that one step and go straight to what you want – after you imagine the things you don’t want have been removed. Because it is the focus on the final outcome that removes the things you don’t want. And it is in the taking of action toward making the things in the final outcome happen that creates the more solid, lasting change you want most to see.

When you are engaged in the thought process that you must remove the negative before you can have the world you want, you are “missing the boat” so to speak. But when you create the world you want by knowing what the final outcome is, and then acting in ways that support that life, your New Earth comes into being much, much more quickly.

We think we know you well enough to say that it is very much more preferred to have the world you want as soon as possible.

And so, keep your focus on the way you will live when everything you do not prefer is gone and you are left with a New Earth on which to live. Think of what you will do and how you will serve each other and the planet, and take those actions now. Because it is you who creates the environment you live in – and it is well within your abilities to make it the way you most enjoy it.

And we thank you.