Channeling Transcription – September 3, 2018

There is information that comes to you from everywhere. This information, as far as you’re concerned, is vital to understanding your power and your purpose on this planet today. We would have you know that the importance of your actions should not be underrated. Or we would have you know that though you feel you are making mistakes, or you are behaving imperfectly, you are actually succeeding far, far more than you had anticipated.

The changes you’ve brought with this single incarnation are great. And for some of you, the journey you’ve been on is long. But this incarnation, for those who have been doing this for some time – hundreds and thousands of years, this incarnation is what you would call the “game changer”. This time period is when the clock changes over to a new day, a new year, a new era. And it is time, so to speak, that you see your part in all of this.

And we would recommend you take time to go within with the intention of knowing what your particular role has been in this entire process. And we think that in doing this you will see how every lifetime and every choice has lead you to this moment, and this time, and this place, and this change – this point in this moment, this time – when the switch is flipped.

And we could discuss what happens from here on, but we wish for you to know your role and your importance so that you will know in going forward the huge change you have already made up until now. And from here on it is like a downhill roller coaster. The change will be fast compared to all that you have done in all the years. And we are not saying it will take thousands of years. Not at all. We are not even saying it will take another lifetime. The next five years will be pivotal in advancing the changes in this world, in this aspect of your existence.

And so, go within and ask to be shown your past, from your perspective, and your journey and even what is ahead for you and it will be given. There are no blocks, there is no dark that can affect you anymore. What you wish, you will be granted. So now you can believe. What do you want? What would you like to have or see or be or do? We want you to see your importance and then enjoy your rewards. Now, today. And as always we thank you.

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