Dear Ones,

We speak to you today of a truth. A truth that is registered in the remotest part of your mind and is not readily accessible, or hasn’t been until now. That truth is that your challenges are also your greatest gifts. 

You are not, in this reality, made of “stuff” that can be easily manipulated or converted to other “stuff”. Therefore, you have developed ways to “get around” these limitations. You have figured out what “work arounds” are appropriate and when.

We see your flexibility as a divine gift. We see your perseverance in the face of many challenges as a talent that is beyond measure.

And so, we want you to know that in spite of your perceived limitations there where you are, you have some amazing talents and abilities that you yourselves have created within this space, or atmosphere [of Earth life]. We in the realms outside of this space are in awe of you. Your continued creations are such a benefit to the workings of the entirety of All That Is.

And we thank you.