Dear Ones,

Today we have been asked to tell you a little bit about what comes next.

We know that you are all observing states of chaos around you in the world there. We would explain that occasionally, the only way [humans] can see forward to create change is through chaos.

When your systems and ways of being are so mired in the way things have evolved (and you see those things as unchanging because they progressed into these states in a natural unfoldment) then you cannot see that they continue to change with or without your intervention.

And we know that many of you there do see the changes, but wish to make bigger changes and make them as soon as possible. So, from your higher perspective you saw that a great event was necessary to make this change. And yes, we are aware that you would all prefer the beautiful Event you have been anticipating. But we would explain that the consciousness state for many on the planet is not such that you would all understand and be able to integrate that.

When you feel the need to argue your point and “be right’ about something – and we say this with love – you are similar to a toddler throwing a tantrum. When the toddler grows into an older child, it has more understanding and knows that there were reasons it was unable to consider before. And a parent does not stop loving a child during these outbursts. A loving parent knows that there are things the child simply does not understand yet. And they know the child will understand soon.

And so, while many beings (in human form) are playing out this evolutionary stage and pretending to be separate from each other, you will have to wait just a bit longer. Eventually the tantrum stops and the child grows in understanding and a more preferred way of being evolves. We will tell you that the majority of you are already in this new understanding and you are holding the space and creating the energy of this understanding for the rest of humanity to follow.

What comes after this is a calm and clarity that will allow you All to create a new way of being and living in which you have much more of that which you really want. And you can be more of that which you truly are – which is love.

We have been here with you for this entire journey and we will continue to be here with you and for you.

And we thank you.