We will give you a message today of peace. Peace that you would consider past due. We would let you know that we have always been looking after you. Helping you, guiding you. You have never been alone. You have only been disconnected from knowing that you’re not alone.

This is the time to begin your journey of true knowing. This is the time to feel comfortable being your true selves. You have always been something more than you imagined – than you knew. You may, from this point on, do things, accomplish things that you have always wanted to do and accomplish without fear, without resistance. Things that you have dreamed and wished would happen will appear, will manifest. And you will know that the only reason you didn’t have or get these things before was because of the only real block that you had which was – you forgot who you really were. There is nothing blocking you or keeping you from having the things that you want and from feeling the things that you want.

And there is also no need to struggle to achieve things. Know what you want, hold in your mind the things that you want to see in your life, to experience in your life, and watch them appear very quickly. Days or weeks only. It was only your forgetting that kept you from being able to manifest these things. And now you know who you are and now you know what you’re a part of – the vastness of All that is and your connection to it and to each other. And you will easily work together. And the ease which you have wanted for so long begins now for you.

We have sent the message that “you cannot save them all”. Others have their own paths and this path is yours. You must set the example. You must show the way. And you must be your true selves – and you must feel how much more comfortable it is to be your true self.

We wish for you to know you are always a part of us and connected to us. And anytime you need answers or guidance, all you need do is ask. Clear your mind of the daily chatter – of the 3D way of life. Clear that, set it aside, ask, stay clear, and wait for our answer. The more you do this, the easier it becomes for you until it is instant and there will be no concentration required.

And know that connecting to your true self and connecting to the higher consciousnesses of All is how you progress quickly – as you want to. What you do with that information – which way you choose to connect – is up to you and no one way is right for every being. We have many councils and groups set up to assist anyone in whatever vibrational state you’re in and whatever type of resource is required. And you all have access to this now. You all can access much more information than you ever have – than you’ve ever tried to access. And it will be so much easier for you now. And we are all waiting to assist in any way we can. You do not need our assistance, but it is available if you want it.

And lastly we wish you to know of the vastness of support and the vastness of connection you have available to you. And we wish for you to never feel alone and to never feel stuck or hopeless. Reach out to us – the All – all of consciousness. We are all here in support of you. We are you.

Channeled: manifesting and connecting