Dear Ones,

A topic has been on your minds that we wish to expand upon. It has come to our attention more and more that many of you see us as the ones imposing this experience upon you. We would say that we are neither the creators of this construct, nor is it our intention or mission to rescue any of you from it.

What IS our mission, is to help you to understand that you do not need rescuing. You, in fact, have all the power you need to liberate yourselves from any state or perceived state you find yourselves within.

We do this by telling you what “powers” or “super powers” you have access to. We tell you that the density is and has been lifting from your planet and your existence. What we have not told you is that you are the instigators and creators of it all.

You are part of the whole of creation, and as such, you are the creators of all things. Therefore, you have the ability to stop or start any new creation. This includes feelings as well as actions.

Now, we hear you all saying “How can we change this? How can we get to New Earth now?” To this we would answer “By stating your intention, emphatically, to no longer participate in those aspects of your construct that you do not enjoy.”

Here is our advice to you: When you have encountered a challenging situation, first ask yourself if your reaction is based on a past event or a fear based in a different event or situation. Seeing this can help you recognize that current and future events do not have to follow a similar pattern.

Second, state to yourself whatever it is you do want to experience. For example: “It no longer serves me to feel stuck in a negative experience. New Earth will be created immediately and I will see signs of it all around me in exponentially increasing numbers.” This can be used with individual situations as well. For example: “It no longer serves me to be in any relationship where I am not valued. All relationships from this point forward will be mutually fulfilling and satisfying.”

In this way, you are using your creation powers to create what you truly want. By looking outside of yourself for a rescue, you are saying to yourself that you are not the powerful, creative, beautiful, loving, good, compassionate souls that we know you to be.

As you practice these statements, you will begin to cease participating in any situation or even emotional reaction that is not in alignment to your statements. And it is in this way that you train your thoughts and thus influence your environment, seemingly without effort – other than mental exertion. We understand that this is not always easy. However, with practice it is accomplished. There are many examples in your world of humans who have used their will to shape the world. If one individual can do it, so can you. You are all equal.

We look forward to seeing you all exert more of your power so that you can exist in the state of comfort, compassion, and joy that you wish for.

And so it is. And we thank you.