Dear Ones,

We have been asked to expand upon the topic of polarity. We would say that the state of being on your planet is structured such that no being is without choice.

As this is the state, you are given what is called “free will” amongst you. When you embody on a free will planet, you can choose to come in oriented from service to self or service to others. And again, as you have free will, you are “allowed”, so to speak, to change this orientation at any time.

Some of you, as this one is, has chosen a “mission” of service to others. As such, the object, we would say, is to show your counterparts there that they are the love and light of source energy extensions. However, the evolution of your planet, while expressing your individualized selves, has created a very complex set of structures and energetics there. And so you find it difficult at times to live your truth and spread your message of love and light while embodied.

We can tell you that, again, your existence in this physical plane is enough to influence many others who are also on or within this plane and planet. However, we also see that you question whether you are fully of the light if your actions or expressions seem otherwise. We would simply say it is your reaction to that which is all around you.

And so, for those seeking to maintain their mission of service to others, and to spread what you call positive polarity, you can “realign”, so to speak, to your true nature. You do this by “shutting out” all of the external stimulus that being embodied there encompasses, and remembering who you are as a connection to, and extension of, Source and The All.

When you do this repeatedly, you are constantly and consistently bringing yourself back to yourself, so to speak. Thus you are able to continue your mission without the “tangle” of anything else going on in the exterior – or what seems to be exterior, for all is one.

Confusion, doubt, disordered thought, distress all fade and melt away when you choose to refocus to your original mission and your original state of being within your mission. Your ego serves your ability to exist there, but it does not have to “run the show” so to speak. You can choose to be who you know you really are. And you can choose this again and again if you need to. All it takes is a few minutes of re-focusing.

We hope this has been helpful to you, as we enjoy being of service to you and your mission there.

And we thank you.