Dear Ones,

Today we would speak to you of a habit that you all have that we feel does not really benefit you. We would speak to you on how to replace that habit with one that will help you more easily achieve your goals and what you most want for yourselves.

This new habit is that of noise reduction*. We know we have spoken first on changing what information you take in, but in this instance we are speaking of what information you believe – about yourselves and the world.

We know that coming into this life, you expected to be impressed upon with beliefs that do not align with who you really are. And we will tell you that you had a plan (or many plans) in place to allow you to “break free” of those beliefs. We would tell you that now is the time for a great many of you to do this.

And so, we advise you to look around and notice when something comes into your awareness that says “you are thinking or feeling something that is not true”. You placed these happenings there for yourself. You planned these “wake up calls”, so to speak. And you intended to become your true self while embodied there on Earth.

It is your mission and your purpose at this time to become the love (which is the true self) that you are and then radiate that to all others on the planet. It is the way you, as a collective, planned to help ascend the planet.

We hope this information serves you.

And we thank you.

*They are talking about the “noise” of all of the harmful “self talk” thoughts.