Dear Ones,

In light of what is going on there at this time, we wish to share some of our methods for creating harmony. We think that, at this time, it will be most useful to you and to the energy of the planet.

Firstly, when you have two opposing energies that are very strong there – whether they are war energies or simply opposing opinions – it is easy to allow those energies to influence you in one way or another. To get caught up in the energies of war and disagreements is not helpful to your fellow human.

It was your wish, in incarnating there, to improve (or enhance) the energetic atmosphere in order to allow greater “freedoms” and choices there on Earth. And so, with that thought in mind, we advise that if you wish to continue in this vein, you must take some steps to assure you do not get caught up in the maelstrom.

As you know, we often advise going within. It is one of our core recommendations because it helps you connect to your true self, and in doing so, connect with All That Is. It also allows you to see and feel the “big picture” instead of feeling the very strong energies buffeting you at this time.

When you connect to your true nature, your true essence, it becomes easier to maintain. And when you “get hit” with that energy, it is easier to understand that it isn’t yours. You can feel the difference.

When you can maintain that state, you can assist others in maintaining their true states as well. You can share your “calm” so to speak. Beings there in a state of heightened strong emotion (that is not of love or a frequency of their true selves) physically do not have the brain mechanism to be able to make decisions for the good of all. They are in survival mode.

So, the idea here is to be the connected energies that you are and to project that frequency, or type, of energy into the collective. In this way, your fellow man will not be victim to their physical mechanics so to speak. But they will be able to communicate more effectively in order to solve the dilemmas they currently find themselves within.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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