Dear Ones,

We will speak to you today about the quiet on your planet at this time. We would call it a peace because there are many there now that are feeling a sense of peace or stillness.

We think this is a good state for many to be in at this time. Events there have been quite chaotic from your perspective. And now that many have a time to pause and reflect, there will be much advancement as far as ideas and cooperation going forward.

When major events and global happenings occur there, it is a wonderful time for big advancements to follow. And you will begin to see, in the coming years, many advancements that will allow the majority of humanity there to experience much more pleasant conditions. Not just through your physical surroundings, but through the companionship of your peers.

Because you have all experienced, and will continue to experience, hardship you all recognize that you are never alone. There are many more of you experiencing the same thing at the same time… always. 

And so, we wish for you to realize that you are all one big family of humanity, and that you all have each other for support and friendship – but most of all to give hope to each other. And to remind each other that you are all walking each other into the new horizon. One that is much more pleasant for you all.

We enjoy experiencing this with you.

And we thank you.


This morning’s message reminded me of the quote “we’re all just walking each other home” by Ram Dass. Thought I would include the link to his book. And while I was there, I noticed some other good, or fun/funny, things on the same page. Maybe it’s a sign I should add those as well.  As always, purchasing through these links helps support our work. Enjoy!