Dear Ones,

What we have for you this morning is this: We would love to see all of you living as though you knew the true nature of your own “soul”.

We will say that we understand the need to be a part of this experience there on Earth that you are in now. We see how it benefits not only you, but the collective. And yet, those who are receiving this message, at the right time for them, will be the ones who are ready to know. You are the ones who have made it a “goal” so to speak, to remember, at least in part, who you really are. You came here to be in this physical experience while also being aware of your “true” self when you are outside of this experience.

What we mean by this is that you can be in a physical vessel and yet, know you are more than this vessel. You can remember that outside of this experience you are limitless. And so, while you are inside of this experience, you can bring your limitlessness into play.

We will also tell you that when you bring this into play here on Earth, you can be, see, do and experience anything that you want. Anything at all. And we will repeat that when you do this, you benefit the collective as well as yourselves.

And so, when you notice ideas and thoughts and experiences of others coming into your awareness, notice if these can help you on your path to becoming more of the “real” you while here on Earth. If you look for things to help you in your understanding, you will see them. If you continue to live as if you do not know you are “larger” than this experience, you will not see them even if they are placed right in front of you (and they are).

We think you would enjoy the experience of knowing yourself as who you really are while here in this lifetime as you call it. And we would enjoy the experience as well.

And we thank you.