During this transition, the majority of our collective on Earth will be focused on how to get along and eventually, learn to love everyone. We also are working on tapping into our true nature and living our highest joy and our biggest expressions of ourselves. A lot of times that starts with loving and nurturing the self. Here’s the channeling for this week:


Dear Ones,

We can see that while you are in transition to your new way of being, there are some questions you have. We are here to answer them to the best of our ability (and to the best of your ability to understand our perceptions).

You wish to know “How long is this going to last?” 

We would say, from our perspective (as we have said), this depends upon your willingness to go within and tap into the knowledge that we are all one. This includes those you do not “like” as well as those you see as being on the “other” side of an issue. The purpose of the current time is not only to realize you are there for one another (since you perceive yourselves as different beings) but also to “clear out” old programs and paradigms that no longer work for the whole. 

And so, this transition period will last as long as it takes for the majority to understand these two concepts and begin to act as benefits the whole.

You have also wondered ”Where is our help? Where are our friends to rescue us?” To this, we have already answered that you are the ones here to “rescue” everyone. You do this through the realization stated above as well as by living truly as your whole selves. This means living your joy by doing the things that make you feel the happiest and most free. For the majority of you that will look like coming together with friends and family, nurturing yourselves, and spending a lot of time in nature or with natural materials. 

There is yet another part to this and that is that you will most likely need to spend some time on yourself – reconnecting to who you really are. Only then can you fully live your true nature. Then you will feel truly alive.

And so, though you see this as a trial (and we understand that perspective), know also that it is a great opportunity to understand and thus clear the old ways, while also understanding and clearing the idea of any “other” person there being … other. You are one, and we are also one with you. 

We hope this serves you.

And we thank you.

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