life purpose pathWhat is My Life Purpose?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves eventually. What am I here to do? What’s my purpose in life? What’s going on? We read books and get coaching and subscribe to newsletters and youtube channels. But even with all the helpful information out there, there may still be a knawing inside you that says “But what about me specifically? What am I supposed to be doing?” We want to know our purpose. We want to know if we’re on the right track. Otherwise we feel like we’re just listing – going nowhere. We see no direction. But… you can figure out your purpose and it’s really pretty simple.

First Things First

The first question to ask yourself is: What do I love doing? Or more specifically, what do I love doing that helps other people, or helps to make other people happier?

What do you do daily that makes your heart all warm and fuzzy? When I worked as a salesperson at J. C. Penney years ago, I liked it when angry people came in to return something. Why? Because we had an amazing policy that a customer could return anything at any time for any reason. I loved saying “I’m sorry, would you like to replace it, or would you just like your money back?” Some people came in prepared for battle – expecting to have to justify their return, but an apology, some chit-chat and a refund later and they were smiling as they left the store. I loved that. Any time I could take an unhappy person and make them happy, I loved the opportunity!

Thank You Very Much

The second question to ask is: When you look back, what have people thanked you for, or what have people seemed grateful to you about? I’m not talking about “thanks for helping me move” although, that is really kind of you! I’m talking about something that made a difference in a person’s life in a moment when they needed just that little extra something.

For Example

life purpose to be an inventorWhen I was in high school, we had a new girl in band. One night at a ballgame, she turned to me and said she missed her old friends and her old school because they were like family. I looked at her and said “I’m sorry you’re sad, but we’re your family now”. I’m not even sure where that came from. I didn’t know her well and to be honest, it felt a little weird because I wasn’t one to say things like that. But she smiled, and it was like I could see a little of the sadness slide right out of her.

When I look back, there are lots of times people have told me that I said something to make them feel better (years later). I had no idea I had done anything at all at the time. But it sure feels good to know I helped. So, looking back, what do people tell you they appreciate you saying or doing that helped them?

So what are you saying, Amanda? That everyone is here to make everyone else feel better? Well, that’d be nice, but… nah. Not necessarily. You could be here to be strong for the people around you. Maybe you’re here to show people strength by example. You could be here to teach people empathy for others through advocating for animals. There are so many possibilities. Look back at your life so far and see if any patterns show up.

Seeing Patterns

Once you discover a pattern, make sure it resonates with you. If you see a pattern of helping animals, for example, but that doesn’t sound like something you really want to do every day, then keep looking. When you figure it out, it feels right. It’s kinda like trying to analyze a dream you’ve had. Other people can offer interpretations, but if it doesn’t resonate, you know that’s not what it means. And when you finally figure it out – ding! That’s it! Ha!

wooden bridgeWhen you get to that place where you’re pretty sure you know what your purpose is, you can cement that knowing in with a good hypnosis session. What that does is puts you squarely on the “right” path for you – the one that feels amazing and purposeful. And you finally find that peace that is “I’m doing what I was meant to do”. Ahhhhh…

Personal Experience

I did all of this completely backward. I did several hypnosis sessions for myself in which I saw, felt, and knew why I was here and then looked back on my whole life and saw the pattern there. This was particularly impactful because one that I saw was the planning of a past life that really wasn’t very nice (you can read about that here). But what I saw and felt through this chain of sessions was how we are connected with the people in our lives and how we plan to help each other (for you woo-woo’ers, these are called “soul contracts”). If you aren’t “into” past lives, consider it a visualization of your life planning for this life. However you want to think about it, it’ll help.

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