soulmateWhen most people think of the word “soulmate” it conjures up ideas of a romantic partner. But more than that, a soulmate is usually thought of as someone who you are not complete without. When you meet that person, everything falls into place and you just know. It’s magic. It’s perfect. That kind of love transcends the ordinary. Right?

When I was in high school, my English teacher told the class how she used to believe that there was only one person for everyone. She said she used to worry that her soulmate would be on the other side of the world and she would never meet him. Then she shook her head with a nostalgic smile and said “but it’s not like that”. She said you just had to find someone whose faults you could live with.

Today, that makes perfect sense to me, but sitting in that classroom at 17 years old, my heart sank. Wait… what? No no no! There are soulmates! There have to be. I haven’t met mine yet. I want my happily ever after! I decided she had just settled. She had given up. Not me though. Not me.

As a Past Life Regressionist, and having, well… lots of my own past life experiences (as well as present life ones), I have some new ideas about just what a soulmate is. I’ve seen a lot of the people from my current life in other rolls in other lives. My brother in this life was my father in another, and my son in yet another. An old boyfriend was my husband. My current husband was my husband in another life. On and on. You can read descriptions of some of my own personal regressions here:

What you would expect, if your soulmate is really your soulmate throughout time, is to see them as your love partner in every life, right? But that doesn’t seem to happen. So do soulmates exist?

little girl princess and mom soulmatesI did a meditation on this very subject. Here’s what I learned: There are soulmates, but soulmates are more of a vibrational alignment: a soul on the same level of learning and experience as you. In that sense, your closest soul match could be your child, your parent, your best friend. Heck, it could even be your dog! The romantic entanglement aspect is a creation of our human need to feel loved. A soulmate is unconditional love at a soul level, not at an Earth level. Not the character you’re playing in this life.

And then there’s this little gem I got from my higher self under hypnosis:

My question/statement:
I have read that people choose to incarnate together in romantic love relationships over and over again, every time.

The response:
That is the soul’s choosing. You may choose that experience if you believe it helps you to learn. No one feels excluded by this choice. There is no exclusion. There is no negative emotion at source. There is love, there is support, there is gratitude. There is no jealousy, there is no “better than”, there is no “more than”. These concepts do not exist except on Earth… So you may choose the same partner for the Earth experience but it is a choice. It is not a necessity. You are aligned with all souls. There is no one soul you are meant to partner with in every life. There is no “other half”. There is all others. You are soulmates with all other souls. You are the one. You are the ONE.

Wow. How ’bout that? All of us are soulmates?

That doesn’t mean every relationship is our highest vibrational match. And we can work on being the version of ourselves we like the most in order to match the partner we’d like to have the most.

But maybe, just maybe, no matter who we choose to be romantically involved with, we are with our soulmate. Every time.

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