Dear Ones,

At this time we would like to send to you many “blessings” as you call them. We wish to bring you feelings of great joy and accomplishment for all you have achieved in the past year.

Now, we hear you saying that you have accomplished nothing much and that you have felt rather ashamed of your fellow kind there on Earth. And we know that you have felt ashamed of yourself at times for reacting to the “negative” frequencies that have come out.

But we will tell you that this has been a time of revealing. You have revealed so much that is inconsistent with the way you wish to live there. Both in the structure of your society and in your thought processes. Every time you have a thought, or have completed an action, that does not align with your highest desire for yourself, you feel it and you know it. It is in those moments that you can change your course and put yourself back on the path of that which you most want. 

And so, when you find yourself feeling something you are ashamed of, put the shame aside and, instead, thank it, and yourself, for letting it be revealed. Then remind yourself of what you wish most to feel. Feel that instead.

Which brings us back to our first statement. We wish to amplify those feelings you most want to feel. And so when you have adjusted your thought process from shame to gratitude and joy, we ask that you call on us, or any of your benevolent guides and helpers, and ask us to give you a little “boost”. This is one of our favorite requests. It not only helps you to feel better in a more pronounced way, but it opens a clearer connection to your own higher or “true” self. And in doing so, allows you to know, with more clarity, how to reach the states of feeling and living that you most want right now. 

As always, we think you will enjoy this. We are always ready and able to assist you in this way.

And we thank you.


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The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden