Dear Ones,

We see that in order to be of service, we can point out a habit of yours that may keep you from achieving your wishes, hopes, and dreams. This being the rapid ingestion of a great deal of material. Now, you may think we are talking about food, but we are instead speaking of information.

When you take in a large amount of information every day, it is very useful to have also, time to consider what you have learned. Otherwise, we would say, what you are taking in is taking you in. We mean, of course, that without processing the information you take in, you are, in effect, just storing it in your subconscious as you call it. And when you do this, the subconscious takes it all as truth. This can lead to a very confused state of being.

If instead, you choose to limit your intake of information to palatable portions – after which you have time to “digest” it, so to speak – you will be better able to organize your subconscious in such a way as to benefit the direction in which you wish to travel in life.

And so, we suggest that in order to be able to have, be and do what you most want, that you choose the information to take in that supports that path. Then, once you receive the information, you may choose to consider it in any way that is most enjoyable to you – be it journaling, meditating, drawing or painting, creating music, or making a video for YouTube.

In this way, you are increasing your ability to further express yourself and your desires on your path. You also become a creator rather than the created.

We hope this information is of service to you.

And we thank you.