Dear Ones,

We would tell you about a way of being which has plagued mankind for quite a while now. We would say that when you are looking at the world and its events, you look mostly at what is going wrong or what has gone wrong. But we would say that what goes wrong is a very, very small amount versus what has gone right.

When you focus on the “ills of the world” as you call them, what do you feel? Do you merely acknowledge the injustice of such ills and move toward a solution? For many, the answer is no. Many dwell in the injustice, sinking into the feeling of being wronged and of the world being a very bad place indeed.

What we would tell you, and many of you already know, is that when an injustice occurs, it is for the purpose of bringing about the change you have asked for to your planet. It is about reminding you that there is still some work to be done. And you are being shown exactly where to focus your energies.

But we would add that this work would be best undertaken in love, not in despair. And if you look around, you will find so very many inspiring stories of love. Stories where people made a substantial difference in moving everything forward in the direction of you all living the lives you most want to experience.

We think this will help you in your journey.

And we thank you.