Dear Ones,

Now is a time in your history when things can change dramatically. You have known that you do not prefer the way some of your systems have been structured.  And you know that you haven’t preferred some of the behavior of people there. We are telling you that you are in the midst of the great changeover.

We have called this many things, and our galactic family members have also named it with different titles such as The Shift, The Great Transformation, The Event, The Galactic Minute, The Harmonic Convergence. It is all basically the same thing. It is a point at which the people of earth have made the choice to evolve within positive polarity with trust and faith in a better way of living.

Over the past decade or so, you have been purging things that have been kept “in the dark” as you say. You are understanding that this is a necessary process. You are also understanding that systems are in the transition period. This can cause a lot of what looks like chaos and upheaval. But you are also seeing that in a positive light because it means, as a whole, you will no longer support those things you do not wish to see and experience.

Now, we like to tell you a little about what is in your future since you do have that faith that things will get better for you there. We want you to keep that faith alive because it makes the transition much easier. And so, we have said that you have a very beautiful environment in the future. Not only in terms of the physical but also in terms of how you will feel and interact with each other. 

There is a great intimacy in trusting your fellow beings. And there is a great joy in being able to discern someone’s intentions – especially when you know, without a doubt, that their intentions are pure. And this, Dear Ones, is what you have to look forward to.

In the meantime, during your transition, keep your fields strong. Send love to your fellow beings there – especially ones taking the brunt of the “work” so to speak. It helps greatly in more ways than you can currently see. And simply know that you are walking the path all beings traverse on the way to their preferred, beautiful life experience destination.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.

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