Dear Ones,

When you see things in such a restrictive light as you now view them, you are certain to feel a bit deflated. We would tell you of some things you can look forward to.

In your immediate future, there are some happenings which will make you a very happy person. There are some energies around you now that will begin seeping in if you let them. These energies will lead you to the next steps we talked about in a previous channeled message.

Now is the transition into your next step. You know that life is not stagnant, but is full of changes. Many of you find these changes very difficult and get stuck instead of moving on to the next step for you.

We will tell you that the next step is really beautiful. As is the step after that. And when you look back at a number of your steps you will see that they were all adding up to something you were meant to do and be.

We think you will like the future you quite a bit. We look forward to your “ah-ha” moment of recognition.

And we thank you.


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