Dear Ones,

We speak to you today on a topic many of you wish to receive information regarding. That topic is the loneliness you often feel there on Earth. You would like to know what its purpose is.

We will tell you that it is in loneliness that a great deal of your programming is released. We mean that when you believe you are not loved, and you believe that you are alone, you will often bring to the surface all of the incorrect programs that are prevalent there on Earth. “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”, “Why am I always alone?”, “Why can’t I find someone to be with?”, “Am I a terrible person?”

When these questions arise, we wish for you to know that you can separate yourselves from them for a moment and look at those questions. If those questions were coming from another person, or a child, what would you answer? We think you would answer kindly. We believe you would be shocked to hear a child speak this way. And this is how we feel about you when we hear your thoughts that are similar.

You are loved. You are never alone. You are a beautiful light and love filled soul. And you are doing far, far more at this time than you have a full awareness of. 

It is the nature of the environment there that you would naturally ask these questions. But, just as you would want a child to know, we wish you to know that you are perfect. And we would also tell you that you can have, be, and experience anything you want while you are there. 

All you have to do is to believe who we tell you that you are – as you would like a child to believe when they doubt. And when you let go of all of the programming that has made you what you are in this lifetime so far, you will be able to start a much more open and opportunity-rich life than you have ever led.

We think you will really enjoy this.

And we thank you.