This morning I read an irritating article by an astrologer who said nothing at all good about the upcoming eclipse. I sooo do not agree with that person at all. Is there any truth to the idea that a total solar eclipse spells doom for anyone or about anything? I doubt it. I couldn’t find any. Here’s what I did find.

Accentuate the Positive

Total Solar Eclipse

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Obviously I know nothing about astrology except that everyone is saying “Lions Gate” this and “Leo” somethingorother that. Some are saying things about leaders being affected during this time. It sounds bad like they’ll die or be sick or who knows what. Not everyone is saying this though. I really believe how you analyze a chart is related to how you view life.

Even if there was something horrendous coming, here’s the thing: You know what happens when you have a bad illness or tragedy strikes you? You become more compassionate toward others. You can suddenly see things from a different perspective. And if you try, you can focus on the positives instead of the negatives. If nothing else, you just feel so much better about how life was before that you appreciate it more after said tragedy.

History of the Total Eclipse

I did some cursory research and determined that nothing bad ever happened on a total solar eclipse in the past. Unless you count those two poor Chinese guys who failed to predict one and got beheaded. They were only beheaded because of the fear the Chinese leaders had surrounding the eclipse. Can we stop living in fear like they did a thousand years ago, please?

So, okay, that one event was bad. But, I read one account where a five year long war was ended because all the guys fighting saw the eclipse and put down their weapons and left. Hooray! Also a few notable scientific breakthroughs happened during eclipses as well – like the discovery of helium.

Good Stuff

The best thing I ever heard about a total solar eclipse, though, was during this Ted Talk:

I love how he says that when the eclipse reached totality, everyone cheered. What a feeling of connectedness that must be. Like seeing a really great movie in the theater when everyone applauds at the end. Or during fireworks when everyone cheers. Doesn’t that feel great?!

And how many millions are expected to experience this on August 21st? Can you imagine the feeling of all of those people experiencing such a miraculous sight at once? That sounds really good to me. I’ll be right in the path of totality with my family, waiting to see all the cool stuff.

So enjoy the “Great American Eclipse” and ignore the doomsayers. There is good stuff coming that day!





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