Ever wondered who you might have been in a past life? Or how a past life may be influencing you now? Well today we’re going beyond that to find out the

Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Past Lives


5. You Have Been Both Male and Female  

In fact, not only has everyone been both male and female, but we all frequently change financial, health and relationship status from life to life.

4. Timeline Jumping

Since time doesn’t seem to work in a linear fashion outside of the Earth experience, you can have a life in 1950s America, and then the next life can be in ancient Egypt and then in the next you might live during Victorian times. In fact, your lives can even overlap in chronological time. Some people even visit future lives.

3. Xenoglossy

Xenoglossy is defined as the ability to speak a language without having learned it. Although not extremely common, there are cases where a person is able to regress to a past life and speak the language of the person they were before. A lesser version of this – which is more frequent – is when people speak with an accent from their former life, including local dialects of the past.

2. Instant Healing

There are many recorded cases of illnesses, pains, and fears that have no apparent cause being healed through remembering a past life. In addition, some regressionists can take a person beyond their past life to a place where information is given or special healing seems to take place.

And the number one thing you didn’t know about past lives:

1. Aliens

Yes, that’s right. Not only are you different variations of human, but some people also find themselves in a body that is not human and not on Earth. Some also find themselves as forms of light or seemingly without a physical body at all.

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