The Great Transition is a phrase that came in when I wondered to myself what to call this transmission. I think it’s an apt title. We are definitely transitioning from old ways and patterns into something we can all agree on (in a huge way), for the benefit of everyone. I think we can all feel it. Much Love to all. xx


Dear Ones,

We can see that in a transition of this nature there is sometimes sorrow. We would give you counsel at this time so that you may better integrate the emotions coming up for you now.

When you are dealing with a very big shift, such as the one occurring now, you will be having multiple areas of your life impacted. This can cause confusion, disordered thinking, and, of course, disordered emotions. We would tell you that shifts are happening at a faster pace than ever for you. Because of this, you may be having emotions coming up around several different areas of your life at once.

Here is what we recommend:

Speak softly to yourself

We mean, that when someone is going through a sort of trauma, you would speak softly, calmly, and lovingly to them. You must do the same for yourself. Contrary to the best practice here, most of you speak critically to yourselves. It will take some effort to adapt and change. Say to yourselves things such as “I am learning some new ways of being, and it will take time for me to adapt,” or “I am loved no matter how badly I believe I am doing.” When you do this, you change your wiring, so to speak. It then becomes easier to accustom yourself to the new frequency you are now within.

Reassess Your Life

When you began the last phase of your life, you were in a much different energy. You may find that what used to resonate with you no longer does. You may find your interests have changed. It is okay to try something new that feels better to you. You may feel more aligned as a result. We do not mean that you need to create upheaval. You can branch out or look around at new ways of being.

Find Yourself

Now that you are a bit closer to who you really are (in nonphysical), you may need to do an internal search, so to speak. You may need to look inside yourself to know who you really are today. It will be different from the you of 10 years ago. What new things can you do? What new emotions do you feel? What new things do you want to explore? It may take some time, some journaling, some meetings with groups of like-minded friends, and some quiet time for you to figure this out. Be sure and allow yourself this.

Accept Help

We, your guides, the angels, and all those who watch over you, are waiting to help you any time you need it. You can ask for things like lifting your frequency so that you can practice aligning to it. You may ask for comfort when you are feeling difficulty with an adjustment. You can ask for signs. And you may ask for us to communicate directly with you. We are all available for you at any time. You are not disturbing us when you ask. Please do not hesitate.

And so, we hope these suggestions will aid you during this difficult transition. You have taken on a challenge that not only benefits you greatly but benefits The All as well. We wish for you to remember what a large expansion you have allowed for us all.

We are grateful to participate in this with you.

And we thank you.

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