Dear Ones,

We see that you are all aware of the impact your vibration or frequency has in your immediate surroundings and within the collective. We also see that you sometimes have difficulty holding that frequency unless you are sitting still and quiet in meditation. We will tell you how to bring this vibration into your everyday activities.

To begin, you must set the intention. Say to yourself, “I allow my highest, most expansive aspects to guide my actions and my frequency today.” Repeat this as your “morning mantra,” as you call it. This sets the intention of the frequency, which is then “pulled” into your field for use.

Second, you must notice when you are vibrating at the frequency you have requested. This reinforces the “loop” and is your feedback mechanism.

Lastly, at the end of your day, set a tone of gratitude within your being for the opportunity to live within the frequency you have requested. This again, reinforces to your physical being that you are allowing and pleased with the receipt of your new state.

There is really nothing more to it than this. We give you these simple steps so that you can easily attain the alignment to the things you really wish to experience in your lives there. And in turn, you shine a light for those who would wish to do the same.

These actions, when integrated within the self, become a service to others. We think this is what you have been asking for.

As always, we are here to be of service to you. 

And we thank you.