What we have for you today is information on the connection between Terra and home. We would say to you that when you are in the state you call “alive”, you see yourselves as existing on a place called Earth. In a complex way, we would say it is not so.

You exist in a state of thought creation. You co-exist within a framework designed by a group to bring about experiences. But this space you are existing in, this state of “aliveness”, and your existence on what you know as Earth is not the reality of All things.

We give you this perspective so that you may resonate more with your true state of being, than with the many “difficulties” (as you see them) that exist around you, and that you feel within you.

We would say that remembering who you really are gives you a respite from the workings of this existence you find yourselves in. On a higher level, that you may or may not be aware of, you voluntarily participate – always knowing that it is only as real as you allow it to be. You are all allowing it to be real for a purpose. You all want to be a part of this co-creation of taking the sometimes ridiculous and nonsensical way of living and converting it into what is more in alignment with your true source and the true source of All.

And so, when you are immersed in complex and complicated scenarios that feel very real and very unpleasant, we would advise you to try and remember that this entire existence is not, in fact, the reality. Try and remember your true self, and in doing so, you align this particular reality with the reality of the All.

And we thank you.