Greetings Dear Ones,

We speak to you today of your connection to The All. We speak of your galactic family.

When you are in those moments of connection – those moments of feeling perfectly at peace with yourself and everything around you. When you are having a “good” day, these are the moments you are connecting with all other beings and energies of positive polarity. This is also when you sometimes get those moments of clarity about how things really work outside of this Earth reality.

You know that what you believe and how you apply those beliefs shapes your daily life. You should also know that your connection with all other beings helps you as well. Whether you call them your guardian angels, or your alien friends, you are connected – you would say on a quantum level – with all of the other “Stuff” of the universes.

And so it is not that much of a “stretch” to say that you have us all at your service. And we will tell you why. Not only are we all one and the same, but anything we can do to help and serve you will always help and serve everyONE else as well.

The concept of quantum entanglement can work to explain to those who are scientifically minded how we are literally all connected on the level of matter. But there is also a connection on a level you have no terminology for. You could say we are an aspect of you and you are an aspect of us. And it serves you to help yourself and be as kind and loving to yourself as you can. Because then you are not only sending love to us as well, but you are at the exact point of creation ability when you do so.

We wish for you to explore this idea by being love as much as possible. Not for us, but so that you can feel connected to all of your aspects and The All. And watch your creation powers “take off” and soar. We will all enjoy that.

And we thank you.