One of the practice sessions we had to do while getting our Hypnosis Certification was a past life regression. My practice partner (who has been doing regressions for 15+ years) guided me through this one.

The image I saw first was a man on a grey horse which was rearing up. I gradually became aware that I was traveling with a small group of men and we had come to a bridge which was blocked by a cart. The cart looked new, but had nothing in it and there was no one around.  I wondered why the cart was left in the middle of the road on a bridge. I was suspicious. Why would anyone leave a brand new cart, much less in the middle of the road on a bridge?  Since there was no one around and nothing of value in the cart, I had the men roll it over the edge into the stream (it was heavy and we had to get it out of the way). I continued to check our surroundings – even looking into the tree line for any threats.

KnightThe time period and place are difficult for me to pin down.  My clothing (to me) looked to be 1700’s.  I had on knee-length leather boots, what looked like tan breeches, a white shirt and a dark red wool cloak with golden yellow braiding around the edge. I felt like I had on some sort of dress helmet – not one for battle, but one for presenting oneself somewhere important. (The picture here is not at all representative of the knight in my memory – except for the hair – but it’s nice to look at.) When she asked me what language people were speaking I said it sounded like old English (it seemed an odd mixture of languages). I felt French. When I thought of home, I felt like it was in France. I said I thought I worked for a King, and then amended it to say I thought he must be a Baron, and a fairly young one (early 20’s).  I think I was in my late 20’s. Twenty-seven maybe.

Going back to our journey from the bridge, she asked me  to move forward until we arrived at our destination. We were heading toward a castle. A massive one of gray stone with different sized towers around it and pointy turrets. There were mountains or hills behind it and a wide open expanse in front. I felt like there was water on the other side of the mountain/hilly area.

I told her I was in charge of these men. I was like a UPS delivery guy from the past.  I was in charge of getting messages and goods from the Baron’s place to wherever he wanted to send them. The men were there in case there was any trouble. I felt very responsible for them and keeping them out of trouble and alive.

I was very aware, as we approached the castle, of the people working in the fields nearby.  It looked like wheat fields. I remember saying I had an easy life – I didn’t have to fight in a war, I didn’t have to work in the fields or struggle for food.  I had all the best there was and slept in a castle to boot! Pretty sure I even always had my own room to sleep in, even if they moved me to different rooms from time to time.

The only drawback was the high stress level.  It was my job to get the Baron’s messages where they were supposed to go and not lose any men in the process (or myself).  It was my job to be always aware and not get ambushed.  I was so stressed all the time that I couldn’t ever stop to just relax and realize how good I really had it.

We went inside the castle and I met with the Baron – all the while still wondering what the deal was with that darn cart. It just felt like a set up somehow.  Nothing ever happened though – that was just how I was. Always worried.  Something I carried with me into this life (just ask my family and friends).

She moved me forward to my death and I saw myself lying on the floor of the great room in the castle with some giant yellow thing sticking out of my chest. I had on a chest plate, but apparently whatever this thing was, it went right through it. I was bleeding to death on the floor with lots of people gathered around. I saw my short, dark curly hair sticking to my sweaty forehead and saw that I was taking shallow quick breaths. My last words were to ask if I had gotten the items where they needed to go. My last thought was “did I get my job done?”

I didn’t realize how tense I had been until I floated up out of that body and let out a sigh of relief that it was over. We think death is the hard part, but it’s really not.  It’s more like “whew!”  🙂

That night I dreamed of an areal view of the castle and the land around it. I even saw the name of it – in French – and translated it in my dream even though I don’t speak or understand French.  I remember thinking the only word of the four word phrase I didn’t know was the last: “Emil”.  The third word was “de”. Unfortunately I didn’t wake up and write it down, and since I don’t know any French, I couldn’t remember the first two words or what they translated as. I have a feeling the name related to the castle being dedicated to someone in some way.  Maybe something like something heart of Emil or something pride of Emil.  I just know the first word wasn’t “the”.

What I learned: I brought some stress and worry with me into this life, but I also brought some gifts from the “knight”: the ability to always be aware of what is going on around me – to take in all of the details, and the knowledge that what I do is important.

How it helped me: I realized that I had been living in the “stress” zone and not recognizing enough how good I have it.  Seeing him freak out about a stupid cart put some things into perspective in my own life.  Now when I obsess about something unimportant I can say to myself “would you forget about that stupid cart already?!”

I had a problem with high blood pressure up until this regression session. After seeing that big yellow thing (what was that anyway?!) through his heart, something just clicked and I realized the stress and the thing through the heart were affecting me in this life. The blood pressure issue went away. WIN!!