Dear Ones,

We would speak to you today on a subject that is troubling you. We would like to give you some hints as to what you have set up for yourselves so to speak. It is because we can see that a lot of you believe you are heading down a very unpleasant path.

We would first explain that it is not the path you are really on that matters. It is your perception of the path. We have told you many times through many different sources that you are the ones who decide what your lives look like. You may have certain experiences you wish to have while in this “life”, but the environment you choose to be in, while you have these experiences you have chosen, is up to you in the moment. You may set up a certain expectation, but while in this physical life, you are under no obligation to keep it or use it.

We understand – as did you – that being in an experience of duality is something only understood while you are in it. Once you are outside of it, it becomes much more difficult to predict what experience you will have or what choices you will make. And so, you retain the ability to “change the plan” so to speak. It is left open so that you may adjust your lives as you go.

Now, we will remind you again that because you have this ability, you can create your micro environment and your macro environment to be whatever you choose. And we also remind you that where you put your focus expands and gives you more of what you focus on.

And so, while you are there experiencing what you wished to experience, remember that you can choose to focus on whatever home or job or city or nation or world environment you wish to experience and you will be shown more of that which you choose.

We tell you this so that if you find yourselves in an environment – including activities going on in that environment – that you do not enjoy, you can shift your focus to the things you do enjoy. When you do this, the things you enjoy begin to expand and multiply. When you continue this into your macro environment you open up the ability to see more and more of your life becoming the way you enjoy it to be. We think you would prefer this much more than experiencing things you do not enjoy. Although, creating experiences you do not enjoy is another ability you may choose while you are there. But remember, you are choosing to create it while there inside your current lives.

Again, we give you this reminder that you are always creating based on where you choose to place your attention. If you prefer a more harmonious and enjoyable “life”, begin by refocusing on the things you love and enjoy, and soon you will see that reflected and expanded on every level of your experience.

And we thank you.