Dear Ones,

Let us first begin by offering you our love and support at this time. We see that the path to a more peaceful and fulfilling planet is sometimes one with challenging obstacles. But there are no obstacles you cannot overcome when you work as the whole that you all really are.

We would remind you that there is no “them”. And we would remind you that anything you perceive as outside you is also within you. And so categorizing groups of people you agree with as “us” and those you do not agree with as “them” simply hinders your progress at reaching that which you most want.

This “time”, when you look back upon it, will be seen as the “great purging of fear”. It is only fear that drives anger, hatred, and separation. You fear the loss of freedoms, you fear the loss of love, the loss of your lives. But again, we would remind you that you cannot really lose any of those things. They are inherent in your being. You are freedom, love, and life.

And so, what this time is really about is going through a process in which you struggle and try to come to terms with why the “other” is so very bad – only to discover that it is because you are focusing intently on what you do not want – therefore creating separation. And you do this because you are afraid.

We are examining and considering how we can best support you in letting go of that fear for long enough so that you can see your fellow beings there as extensions of yourself. Because when you do this, you can then work together to overcome any challenges to creating a kind of world in which you all have access to creating the lives you most want to live and be a part of.

The best advice we can give you at this time is to go within and connect with ALL of your fellow beings there on Earth. Feel the love you all have for and with each other when you are not in these bodies. Send the love back out to every part of the collective that is YOU. Do this often. You will see that your perception of “us” and “them” has changed. And you will see that you are more easily able to create the changes you want for yourself and the collective on Earth at this time.

We and many others continue to send love to you, to hold a space of unconditional freedom and joy that you may receive at any time, if you allow it.  

We are with you. We are a part of you.

And we thank you.