Dear Ones,

Throughout the times of existence there, you have maintained your connection to the light inside of you – that which has always connected you to your true self. And you have always sought ways to celebrate and enhance that connection because, as small as you perceive that connection, it has always been there and always will be there. There is no way to sever the connection to your true self and who you really are. You can only be distracted from seeking or feeling for it. And so on certain days you consider auspicious, you celebrate that connection with festivals and gatherings around monuments you build for that purpose.

Today is one such auspicious day from your perspective. It is a focus by many of you on a new way of being – a new way of perceiving things. You know now that setting your focus on something and enhancing your belief and knowing of it causes expansion. And so we think it is a very helpful way to move you all forward into the kind of Earth life you most wish to experience.

You are observed and supported today by so many benevolent beings. We marvel at your ability to perceive yourselves as you truly are and the potential you have – in spite of the design of the environment you have placed yourselves in. You knew, as we know from our perspective, how things would evolve there within your lifetimes. Part of your “plan”, so to speak, was to experience this grand evolution while in the physical there. Experiencing this in one lifetime where you go from not really understanding what your purpose is or who you really are – to connecting with your true self and all the beings of oneness is considered a prime experience for any part of The All. You, in this moment, are “fated” and “blessed”, so to speak, with this opportunity.

And so, no matter what may be resolving there on your planet in terms of other evolving consciousnesses, we think it is a great feeling to know that you chose this exact time and place in all of creation to experience exactly what you are experiencing now. We think it is a great gift you have given yourselves – and to us as well.

We are enjoying, very much, this experience with you.

And we thank you.


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