Dear Ones,

When you come within a period of great change, you will certainly feel this change in many ways.

We would like to see you being gentle with yourselves. We see that the majority of people there have conditioned beliefs that say you are not good enough or not something enough. This is the time period in which you are all purging that “not enough” belief.

“The Great Changeover” happens when most of you understand that you are not only enough, but your uniqueness is part of the plan. All of you individually work together as a whole, but that does not mean you should all be just alike.

You are different in many ways from each other for a reason. For balance, or the purpose of having a piece of the bigger whole so that you can depend on each other and none of you has to know everything.

You all set up this place that way on purpose. Now, it is true that a small number of people have been chosen to be “in charge”. But even this is changing. There is more working together to be done. And you get there by seeing how much not working together (or being at odds) causes chaos.

There is a reason for all of this. The ultimate goal is for you all to realize that you need each other and you actually enjoy not having to know everything. It’s okay to know the things you are interested in and someone else can know the things you aren’t interested in.

You are all here to bring the parts together into a harmonious whole. And you can only do that in two ways: working together, and knowing yourself as you truly are. You are love, light, and potential energy all at once.

We love to see you using this knowledge to create the world you most want to live in.

We are here in support of you, as always.

And we thank you.


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