Dear Ones,

Many beings have been coming through to let you know of the breakthrough you have now accomplished. This was not accomplished in a blink, but through a slow, arduous process. It was accomplished by you, the lightworkers, the starseeds, by planning and re-aligning, and re-configuring when the plan did not proceed as anticipated.

We will tell you that at this point you all have the capacity to live from your higher perspectives. You may not have realized this as yet, but it is so. And for those newly awakened, it will be a very short jump from the way they lived their lives previously to this new paradigm. The forerunners have carved a path for this to be so.

And you may ask “If we can now live from our higher selves’s perspective, why can I not feel or access it”? And we would say that it is in that space of asking yourself a question and reaching for your guidance for an answer. For that guidance is actually you, yourself, in your higher form. Because you are connected to the All, to us and to everyone and everything. You must take a moment to be in a space of calm and heart-centeredness. It is in that space that you live from your higher self perspective.

Now, some of you have been doing this from time to time. But in a year from now, you will all be doing this. And those of you who have been forerunners or path-pavers will not only have access to your higher aspects, but you will be accessing them most of the time instead of when you set your intention and your time space to allow it.

So, for now, when you carve out a moment of your time to center, to be still, and to connect to that which you truly are, you will know you are connected. And soon you will be receiving the higher perspective answers to your most pressing “problems”. It will not be much longer until you are living in that space all of the time. And we look forward to being more a part of your existence there on Earth.

And we thank you.