Dear Ones,

We would speak to you today about a happening which we believe will occur there soon. We think you will allow your minds to go immediately to The Event, but we wish to clarify something in this regard.

When you align yourself to who you really are – that being a part of The All, and at one with your fellow man/woman there on Earth – you will feel the energy of what all of you have been calling The Event. You will feel the connection to that highest frequency which your bodies can possibly allow there at the moment.

Now, we will tell you that you can wait for others to do the “work” and save you. But what fun is there in that? What great expansion can you gain from waiting? We will tell you that you did not come here to wait or for someone else to save you. You came here for the experience of expanding yourselves in such a way as to cause The Event within yourselves.

When you – any of you – create this practice of “achieving” your own personal Event, you do bring others “up” closer to the level in which you accomplished this feat. And when they are able to come up a bit, it is much easier for them to stretch that last little way so that they too can create their own personal Event.

And so, we think you will enjoy doing “the work”, so to speak, in order to not only feel and see your life as if The Event has occurred, but to know that in doing so, you are helping everyone else get that much closer as well.

We look forward to seeing more and more of you develop in this way.

And we thank you.