Dear Ones,

It has come into our awareness that many of you are imagining what it would be like to leave Earth. We are not talking about on ships or the metaphysical journey to New Earth. We are speaking of thoughts about simply not existing there any longer.

We would say to you that this experience here on Earth is nothing like anything you could find in any other place in any other Universe or dimension. It has a unique set of challenges for you to experience. We see that, as you live in them and experience them, many of these experiences do not feel good. We also understand this.

We would explain that no matter how unpleasant the experience seems or seemed, the resulting negative associated feelings are not real so to speak. They are not who you really are or even where you really are. It is like when an actor is playing in a movie or play. They may experience the emotions while in the role, but when the scene is over, so are the emotions. Meanwhile they have participated in an experience that helps many others to see a perspective they may never have seen but for that one particular actor portraying one particular role.

So all of you are playing particular roles for the benefit of the experience of all of the others. And all the while, the higher aspects of yourselves are also understanding the benefits of your interactions. As you are all connected to the whole of all of creation, all of creation is also benefiting from new perspectives with every second you are “alive” on Earth. What, then, is the benefit of leaving Earth? The benefit is in the stretching out of your “time” to the fullest. The benefit is in living the emotions of every experience. Because every feeling, every situation gives new meaning and new understanding to the whole.

Now, we are not saying you must exist in a space of pain and suffering. You have the free will and the creative power to make your Earth experience anything you want it to be. We suggest that you think of your time there as an opportunity to practice creating what you want using the creative powers that, until now, have not been available to you. You see, there is still a lot of fun to be had in this experience. You can simply shift your focus from that of the irritants and anxiousness, the pain and the suffering, to that of the exploration of the heretofore unknown.

We think you will find this much more pleasant. We look forward to seeing what you practice creating.

And we thank you.