What do we want? TELEPATHY!
When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!


Dear Ones,

We are always grateful when you reach out to us to ask questions. We enjoy the opportunity to bring you new information that is interesting to you. On the topic of what you would call extrasensory perception, we have much to share.

When you slow down your brain waves, when you are not busy thinking about everything you are “supposed” to do, when you go within, when you relax, then you are closer to the frequency of those other beings who are able to use telepathy, telekinesis, bilocation, etc. 

Your rich diversity of experience there is why you have incarnated at this time. However, when you get caught up in the “running around”, or rushing to finish this task or that task, you are far from being able to bring about the use of any of these extra gifts that you also have within you. 

We can tell you that those of you who have adjusted your lives to include time to slow down (and we do not mean just to slow down the body, but slow down the thoughts and relax the body) all have access to more of your abilities. And these abilities are the ones that all humankind will have and use frequently in the future.

When you pause your busy life and you attempt to tap into the real you (the field of all that is) that is when you have access and can practice these other abilities that you already have access to. You can practice with others who are also wishing to re-learn how to communicate without words. This communication is far superior to words because not only do you communicate an idea, but the receiver understands, without a doubt, your intention behind the idea. You can “transmit”, images as well. You can “transmit” whole concepts.

And so, we think it would be far more efficient for humankind if you all learned to slow down your brains, slow down your thoughts and practice communicating to each other with concepts, intentions, and images rather than words. The more of you who begin this practice, the more exponential the curve of those who follow behind. Humankind will be infinitely “better off” when you all begin communicating in this way. 

Now, we do not see an end to communicating with words as this has been a part of your history for quite some time. But if those of you listening who are interested can begin the practice now, the changes that you want to see there on Earth will happen so much more quickly.

We think this is something you would really enjoy in more ways than one.

And we thank you.

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