We’re always being encouraged to go within to find our own inner guidance. The Arcturians stress this again today in what I find an ironic message.

Dear Ones,

We will speak to you today about what most of you are contemplating at this moment. You are thinking about the direction in which you are headed. And you are thinking of the short-term problems you face. We wish for you to know that you can trust that the direction is positive and the outcome is also positive.

When you are focused on what you see around you, what you see in the news, and what you hear others saying, you are far from the truth. Your truth is based on how you feel and on your connection with your other dimensional selves. These other aspects of yourself are always sending you information to help you. To access this information, all you need to do is to take a moment of time and listen. Not with your ears, but your heart and your mind.

When you wait for these messages, and you continue to listen for them, you will start getting more and more helpful information. Now, we will tell you that if the messages you are getting are not kind, and loving, they are not from your other dimensional selves. We will also tell you that if you are getting an elaborate story, you are not getting the message from your other dimensional selves either.

Messages from your higher and other dimensional selves are always loving, always kind and helpful, and always make you feel good about yourself and how you are doing there. There is no other purpose than that. And so, keep listening to the messages of the heart and learn to “tune out” anything else. You do not need to concern yourself with messages that aren’t meant for you.

And so, as you head into this next season there, remember that your best guidance always comes from yourself. Always on the inside and not on the outside. Learn to interact with the outside, but live from the knowledge you can access within.

We think this will serve you so much better and you will have a much easier time of it.

And we thank you.

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