Right now there is an energy in the world that may make you feel like a pack of wild hyenas is chasing you. This morning, I had to go for a short run so that my body would calm down. (Then I was exhausted as if I had really been in the middle of a war myself.) This channeled info, given to one of my Patreon Team, (and shared with permission) about strengthening our energetic fields has been really helpful to me. I hope it’s helpful to you as well. #IStandWithUkraine


Dear Ones,

We know that when you are in a state of receiving, it is much easier to manifest that which you most want – for yourself and the world. We also know that it is sometimes difficult to put yourself in that state. You are taught there to always give, that it is more noble. But we would say, those unable to receive are somewhat unbalanced.

It is a characteristic of your next state of evolution to balance your heart and mind. Therefore, you must know and feel the answers to any dilemma you have there. We say this because you are on the precipice of evolving into this next stage where you work on and perfect your balance. Those there on your planet call for “boundaries”. We would say strengthen your “energetic field”. Know what you desire so strongly that nothing can sway you. But also, use your heart to decide where and how to give of yourself.

And so, you can begin that practice now, energetically, to strengthen your own field with love, gratitude, and support. When you do this, it is much easier to use your mind and heart to make decisions without being unduly influenced by any outside energies. Since you are in a collective that is not yet evolved to [the point of] thinking and agreeing as one, this is an important first step in your evolution. Both personally, and for the collective.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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How to help the people of Ukraine: https://www.npr.org/2022/02/25/1082992947/ukraine-support-help

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