Today the Arcturians explain that we have a whole spiritual support system on our path to oneness and that we are the lucky ones to be on Earth during this time.


Dearest Ones,

Today we wish to tell you about a time to come in your experience. It is a time of all of the things you have “worked so hard” to attain. We speak of the culmination of your efforts into a new state of being.

We would tell you that this state of being is that which comes from you and nowhere else. We, and others, often send our help to you in the form of energies which support the frequency you wish to attain. However, it is your higher self’s desire that you attain these states yourself.

Do you not love the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish a difficult task? It is also so with the “task of a lifetime”. And although you feel disheartened at times, know that you are striving toward an experience that so many of your fellow beings would also love to have. The opportunity there is great for advancement on the path back to oneness. You are the lucky ones who have that opportunity.

Now, we realize it doesn’t feel that way from within the experience you are currently in. And so we wanted to let you know that from outside of the experience, all beings are cheering you on, sending you support and love, and knowing the final outcome is so much better than you ever imagined.

We look forward to feeling your joy at realizing all of your accomplishments.

And we thank you.


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