It’s TWOsday! But what does it mean? Can we send our own desires into the encoding of the day? Yep. Here’s how:


Dear Ones,

When you look into your future, you wish to see amazing things: technologies, health, healing, oneness. Today you celebrate a linguistic, numerological rarity: 2-22-22. In the collective, there is a desire to infuse this special number code with meaning, but some of you are looking outside of yourselves for it.

We would tell you that you can encode this special day with whatever you wish for. In other words, if you wish to see medical technology improvements, put them into the number. Encode it yourself. Yes, you have the ability to do this. Do you want an end to war? Encode that today. Dear Ones, you can do anything you wish. The most difficult part for you seems to be remembering that you can.

Today, so many of those on your planet are focusing on TWOsday as you call it. And you look outside of yourselves for numerologists, psychics, tarot card readers, and channels to tell you what it means. What we would like to see you do, is decide what you would like to see this special day encoded for.

We recommend, at this time, that you encode it for oneness, peace, prosperity and abundance for all, health and happiness for all. You, of course, may encode anything you want – small or large. But the point is, that you can do this. And while the world is celebrating this day, your wish is multiplied a millionfold.

And so, take some time today (and all days) to encode what you wish to see. It only takes a moment or two to focus and then it is done. You can remember from time to time what you wished for and see the evidence of it all around you.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

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