There are a couple of interesting tid-bits in this one that I have never heard of before regarding soul groups and the purpose of being human. I have been told that I’m here to do whatever I want. Apparently a lot of us are. 🙂

Channeled Questions from April 18th, 2017

What are soul families?

Soul families are groups of like-minded entities with a purpose that is very similar to the others in the group. They choose to incarnate in groups because it is more optimal than coming in as one and attempting all the change – all the aspects of the experience – by oneself. It is quicker with a group. As in the military, you would not send one soldier to complete a mission – to complete an objective. You send a group who are similarly trained to complete that mission. This is your soul family for this life.

Is your soul family for this life one that you stay with for all your lives?

It is often this way. However, some souls may choose to diverge from their path if they find something else of interest that does not match the goals of the current group.

Does that mean the group that you started out with can get smaller?

silhouette of group of people on a ridge at sunsetYou may go to a different group that meets your needs, but most souls in your group have chosen to remain. It is very similar to a family in that you grow comfortable with each other. You are familiar with each other and you are able to perform your tasks in an easier fashion because you do know each other so well. Souls that choose to leave their group feel the need to take either a different path for a challenge, or feel they have evolved past the need to incarnate and do these specific tasks with their original group. It is not like a graded scale where they have exceeded, for example, high school, and while the rest of the members of the group are still in high school, they have moved on to college. It is simply a separate choice in a different experience. We use the word challenge because they will be starting with a new group and they will have to learn their new group members and get to know their group members in a way so that they are able to merge into that group and be a cohesive whole with them and not a separate person stuck to a group.

How many people are in my soul group or soul family?

Eight. You had ten, you had twenty. Twenty were designed for your group. Ten fit in your group. Two come and go.

How many of my soul group members are in my current life that I already know?


Are the other three incarnated, or have I met them yet, or are they sitting this one out?

One is sitting this one out. Two are outliers and influencers for the group.

What does an outlier and influencer do?

They come in as needed if any of you get stuck – aren’t moving forward in your purpose. And by purpose we mean the goals that you set for yourself. They will steer you back. They will TRY to steer you back.  (HA! I like that clarification.)

What is the purpose of being a human being right now?

purple lighteningThe purpose of being human is many-fold. Some come to experience 3D, some come to bring light. Some come to spread energy – to evenly distribute the energy. Many different beings use this world for different purposes. The generally held belief is that you incarnate as humans to learn lessons. It is not necessarily so. You may incarnate to practice energy manipulation. You may come to practice energy channeling. You may simply come to play in the 3D. Most souls currently on earth at this time have already “learned” all the lessons they can learn here. It is time to move the energy. It is time to change the dynamics. Most are done in this environment. We want a shift.


So there you have it.  Do you feel like you have already done everything there is to do? Why do you think you are here this time around?

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