Dear Ones,

We see that you are in need of something to lighten your spirits a little. We see that you are within the mesh that makes up your reality and that it is difficult at times to see beyond it.

We will tell you that within this mesh, this tapestry that you exist within, there are something like markers. These markers, or guideposts, are placed where you are likely to meet resistance in your own lives. When you are having a particularly rough time there, watch for the “bright spot”. It has been placed there by you and your guides to ease any suffering you may be feeling at certain points along your life. 

Aside from these signs being positioned throughout your life, it is also known by you and your guides, as well as us, that when you know that these bright spots exist, and you look for them, you will “flip the switch” so to speak into a brighter outlook.

We have said many times through many “speakers” that focusing on what you are grateful for, and what you want, will change your energy. It is the same with looking for these guideposts in the “dark” times of your life. They are indeed there. However, it is the looking for them that triggers a change in your energy.

And so, we hope that knowing you have support placed right there for this time in your life will help you navigate these transitional times. As every one of you is unique, so are the signs and supports you have placed for yourselves. Begin to look for them, and feel your energy change to a much lighter, brighter feeling.

We think this will help you.

And we thank you.