Our Arcturian guides explain how we shift the energy of the planet just by remembering who we are. Doesn’t it feel good to know we have already done the main thing we came to do?

Dear Ones,

Today we bring you another message of hope. We know we always do this, but from our perspective, there is nothing more to do.

From your perspective there is chaos. This we also see. And we see that there are ways so many of you could experience your lives there in a less stressful and happier way. However, you do not need to be chastised for not doing everything right. That is not the purpose of your being on the planet at this time. You are there to remember who you really are. And you have many sub-purposes as well.

What we wish to say to you now is this: You have already fulfilled your biggest purpose for being alive as a human today. You have remembered that you are far more than one person having one life. You are connected to all beings and all energy everywhere. That knowledge alone is enough to shift the energy of your entire planet.

We realize you cannot visibly see the great energetic shift happening there. And you also cannot see what a large impact you are making just by existing in the Earth plane at this time. So we will tell you again – you are doing so much by just being.

Now, we have seen the strain put upon you all this time. And we will remind you that since your main purpose is fulfilled just by your existence, you are free to explore anything you want with your lives. That means you get to explore ways in which to have fun, ways to find more joy in the smaller aspects of your lives, and ways to entertain yourselves by learning every detail you wish to about any little thing you want.

Yes, you do have a purpose here, but you do not need to “run yourselves into the ground” so to speak. You do get to enjoy the fact that you are having a human experience. So go and do some fun human things and do not take yourselves too seriously for a while. And we will tell you a “secret”: While you are doing this, you are aligning with your other purposes for being there as well.

You are all eternal, everything is one energy, and you can take a break and focus on something more lighthearted for a while without risking your mission there.

We hope this serves you.

And we thank you.