Dear Ones,

What we will tell you in this moment is that your greatest calling is that which allows you to bring the gifts you have (as your higher self) into your present incarnation.

We think you all know that why you are here is to set the example for others as to what it looks like to live your lives in an authentic way. Authentic in that your true self is the one that expresses.

We understand that this is no easy task. You are “covered up” so to speak almost the moment you are born with beliefs and ideas that conflict with your core self. But of course you are here to not only remember that core self, but to live as such. And you are here to be an example so that others may find their way “back” to their true selves as well.

And so, as we are here in support of you, we are always giving our “best tips” to you as to how to do this in any given energy paradigm. 

In the current energy, we would suggest that you practice remembering the real you. And you will of course want to know how to do that. We think you already know we will say “go within”. You may have to go within several times each day to practice. But eventually you will come to a point where checking in seems normal. And at that point you will realize you have become even more of your true self.

We give many “exercises” and “assignments” to individuals when they connect to us – ones specialized for that particular person at a particular “time” and energy there. We wish for you to share with each other these tips so that others can try these “games” as well. When you share with each other, you amplify our support of you all, and the energy of coming back to yourself expands.

It should also be known that even if you never attempt to become your true selves embodied on Earth, it will happen eventually. But we know that you are all “do-ers” and like to take actions, so we share with you what we think will be the most beneficial ways for you to express this forward moving capacity of yours.

We look forward to sharing more tips with you in the “future”. 

And we thank you.