Dear Ones,

Many of you will begin to (or have begun to) have what we would call memory bleed through or break through from other experiences of other lives. We do not mean lives of your current Earth incarnation soul fragment. We are talking of memories that come to you from other places or what you would call other dimensions – other experiences of these places.

These may come in the form of dreams or spontaneous memories, and they have come to many of you as creative inspiration for some of your more fantastical and epic stories. But there are themes – streams of truth – that run through them. 

The reason you are remembering these now is that you can use these streams of truth to help you in the current situation and the current times there on Earth. There are experiences that will help you to clear the perceived darkness that was created as an experiment by the collective that is now no longer of service. It has gone as far as it can go for any benefit. 

And so, when you remember these dreams, when you remember these experiences through hypnosis sessions or spontaneous memories or creativity, know that these are themes you can use to help guide you in your current time. And although the exact situations, names, places and visuals you receive may not be completely accurate, it is the theme inside of the experience that is to be your guide.

And we think some of you will enjoy investigating and pulling out these themes for your private or personal use.

And we thank you.

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